Review of Layla Gets Tough

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLayla Gets Tough – 13 Mins

Layla, fresh off her stunning defeat of Mystique, stands in the ring dressed in her cute thong leotard, hose, and boots. She proudly proclaims that she’s ready to face anyone who has the guts to wrestle her! Enter Antoinette! Suddenly, little Layla isn’t so confident and Antoinette attacks with a body slam, head lock, head scissors, a fake pin, fireman’s carry, flip from the turnbuckle, two leg drops, another fake pin, and a few body splashes that totally weaken Layla. But Antoinette takes too much time taunting the pretty blond before going for the final leg hook pin. Layla regains her senses and snaps her legs around Antoinette’s neck to break out of the pin! Layla then goes to town on the shocked brunette with stomps, a cross legged arm scissor, a corner hand stand scissors, boot chokes, a corner head scissors, a snap mare, and a painful surfboard. Layla locks Antoinette into a straight head scissors and asks her if she submits. When she gets no answer, Layla opens her legs wide then SLAMS them shut again on Antoinette’s poor head! Finally, Antoinette screams her submission, but Layla’s not quite done and puts a tight sleeper hold on Antoinette that puts her out for good. A few sexy boot on body and face victory poses seal the match for the lovely Layla!

I don’t remember all the ways I said I’m was ok with the jobber girls ending up on the winning side, but for those who remember, make sure you add this to list. One of the things that a love to see in a jobber, is over confidence, and you can’t got more over confident then Antoinette, especially when she thinks she’s got a match totally under control. So, as much as I love Antoinette as the over confident and dominate heel and as much as I was enjoying watching Layla get destroyed, it was rather nice to see Antoinette helpless and knocked out, which also seems to becoming less and less of a rarity, which is also turning out to be quite nice. As you guys know, I love converse boots, mainly on my jobbers, but I still loved seeing them pressed on the knocked out Antoinette’s face and body. Overall, I probably would have been happier with a total domination, with Antoinette over Layla, but it’s still quite nice to see Antoinette get surprised and defeated like this every now and then.

Overall Score: 8.5/10