Review of Layla Calls Out Carrie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLayla Calls Out Carrie – 9.5 mins

Carrie is in the FWR dressing rooms when Layla walks in. Carrie’s happy to see Layla, but apparently Layla has a bone to pick with Carrie. Layla feels that Carrie only brought her to FWR to get more customs for herself. The angry Layla tells Carrie to grab her boxing gloves and meet her in the ring. Carrie, confused, puts on her gloves and meets Layla. She’s still trying to talk Layla down, but Layla’s not having it. Layla goes after Carrie, hitting her with a bunch of face punches, but than stops and invites Carrie to fight back. Carrie goes to town on her and in no times has Layla weak then knocks her out. After waking her up Carrie tells her that she’s going to regret challenging her. Carrie destroys Layla, keeping her word. Eventually knocking her out. While she posing over Layla, Carrie makes a plug for ordering customs at, before heading out.

The one thing I love more than a one sided match, is when the jobber invites the beating on herself. Carrie had no plans of putting a beating on Layla, but after a couple of punches to the face, Carrie was more than happy to put Layla in her place. Layla spent most of the match out of her feet, with a couple of KOs and knock downs along the way. I wouldn’t have it any other way, Layla sells awesome, there are great KO positions and tons of face punches. The customs plug from Carrie, made me laugh. Its great idea since they were the whole fight was about customs anyway. Overall, this is a great boxing vid, that is mostly one sided and is an awesome job by Layla.

Overall Score: 9/10