Review of Layla Calls Out Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLayla Calls Out Becca – 11.5 mins

Layla enters the dressing room to find Becca, who is sad because she misses Carrie. Becca feels as though Carrie is her only real competition, which instantly makes Layla angry. “You don’t think that I’m any competition?” she says as she grabs her boxing gloves, then tells an astonished Becca to meet her in the ring. The girls meet in the ring and Layla immediately goes to town on Becca, plastering her with hard jabs to the face. Becca soon gets punched so hard that she flies back into the corner where Layla continues her onslaught. Flustered, Becca finally manages to get Layla off her but quickly ends up on the ropes with more face jabs. Layla stops to taunt Becca, but the blond uses the break to start throwing her own punches into Layla’s face and getting the beauty on the ropes for a taste of her own medicine. The girls go back and forth a bit, but it’s obvious that poor Becca is taking the most punishment, being dropped to the canvas twice. In the end, Layla traps Becca on the ropes and literally punches her unconscious so that the poor cutie is left hanging unresponsive on the ropes.

This is a great vid, especially after Layla didn’t do so well after calling about Carrie in, LAYLA CALLS OUT CARRIE. I had a feeling that Layla might have gotten herself in trouble again, but Becca, unlike Carrie, was thrown off by Layla’s sudden challenge. Then she just couldn’t hang the Layla, as hard as she tried, Layla just kept coming. So, we get tones of punch drunk Becca and a little from Layla too, which I is always great to see. There’s some slow motion punches in this, to mix things up, I always like that. Plenty of knockdowns too, as Becca has some trouble staying on her feet. The final KO good, but would have liked to see a few things different. I would have liked a 10 count and at some point have Becca fall from the ropes. Best would be after Layla left, because her victory pose and trash talk to Becca’s face is great. Overall, this is another great boxing vid from FWR. It’s got everything you would want from a boxing vid minus a 10 count, which obviously isn’t a deal breaker.

Overall Score: 9/10