Review of Lauren vs Rusty – Mixed Boxing

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Review of Hit The MatLauren vs Rusty – Mixed Boxing – 26 Mins

Lauren BoxingLauren makes her debut at Hit the Mat! Apparently Rusty looked at her wrong, and now she wants to knock him out in a mixed boxing match. Talk about a fiery redhead! Lauren is 5’10” and 130lbs compared to Rusty’s 5’8″ and 160lbs, however Rusty is an avid kickboxer who almost went pro in K1. Lauren starts off aggressive, even getting Rusty cornered and knocking him down. But as Rusty warms up and takes her more seriously, Lauren finds herself getting tired out, worked over and battered around the ring. Rusty softens her up with shots to the body, and his quick, highly skilled punches overwhelm her defenses. Lauren finds herself against the ropes multiple time as Rusty works his way in, and it takes all she’s got just to survive. It’s only a matter of time before Rusty knocks her out! Includes bonus footage at the end… “Booty Boxing”

Nice mixed boxing action here, Lauren is super sexy, even in the pre-match interview, she is really attention grabbing. Once the match begins, you can tell that Rusty has some form of actual training and is pretty quick. This makes it a little hard to believe that she’s could ever hit him, but she manages to catch him a few times, even cheating a bit, attacking him when his back it turn. The best part of the show, of course, is once Rusty starts to fight back, even returning the favor with a sneak attack of his own. It is completely believable to see Lauren being over whelmed by Rusty’s speedy punches. We get a couple nice knockdowns along the way and Lauren looks fantastic from every angle. Soon enough Lauren is unable the beat the count, it’s not a total KO, but it close. The match is actually about 20 mins, with pre and post-match interviews added to both ends, it doesn’t feel that long though, which is a good sign because if the match was slow or boring that 20 mins would have felt like an hour. I even enjoyed the interviews, it’s great to see cocky Lauren at the beginning and beaten, but swearing revenge Lauren at the end. She a really cute girl that I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing knocked out again.

Overall Score: 8/10