Review of Next Global CrisisLADY VICTORY VS BLUEBIRD – 10.5 mins

Lady Victory makes her debut in the NGC Championship against Bluebird who already has a win under her belt and is the only heroine to do so. It’s a best of 3 KOs battle. So both heroines go for the KO as soon as possible, hard kicks and punches and if that doesn’t work then neck scissors from Bluebird and Split Bow and Arrow holds from Lady Victory are attempted in a thrillingly close battle. Bluebird goes out cold first, but fights back to take the win, leaving Lady Victory, defeated in corner of the ring, taking the second win in the NGC Championship.

This is the second time Bluebird has been in the ring for NGC Champs and the second time they’ve had heroine vs heroine. I don’t think I’ve seen the other Bluebird vid, but this one is so far my favorite yet. The woman that plays Bluebird, Claire Elise, is one hell of a talent. Whether being confident and in control, or dazed, confused and dominated, she delivers it in stride and we get to see both side of that as she starts out losing the first round, then winning the next two. Lady Victory also delivers some strong selling as well, not going down without a fight. Great action, acting and everything in between from this one and in true NGC Champs fashion this one is short, straight to the point and packed with action. Overall, these girls, this production is extremely solid, this is the less story driven side of NGC, so we end up with pure action videos like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10