Review of LACEY vs THE MACHINE parts 2 and 3

Review of LACEY vs THE MACHINE parts 2 and 3 – 10 x 2 = 20 mins

In this, we have 2 back to back vids starring The Lovely Lacey going up against The Machine. Lacey gets sneak attacked in both matches, as The Machine tends to do. After the sneak attacks, the matches head in total different directions. The 1st match is all KO based. Almost everything that happens KOs Lacey. lots of piledrivers as well. The 2nd match is all about destroying her back. I don’t think there are any KOs till the very end, but lot and lots of back torture for poor Lacey.

I said it in my other review of Cali’s Comeback with Lacey, she is one of my favorite pros that come to SKW becasue she just gets it and sells amazing. I like her outfit, a common look for her here and I got no problem with that. The 1st match is my favorite, becasue KOs make everything better, but the 2nd match is no push over as Lacey’s amazing selling is on full display there. Overall, this is a great release, a little something for everyone and a great performance from The Lovely Lacey.

Overall Score: 8.5/10