Review of Kylie Knocked Silly

Review of Kylie Knocked Silly

Kylie is sitting on the couch waiting for her boyfriend (you) to get home, when he does she starts giving him a hard time about being late. A quick knock on the head fixes her real quick as she is knocked silly and giggles her way to sleep. While unconscious, she is posed and played with to her boyfriend’s content. Each time she wakes up, she’s knocked silly all over again. When he finally tires of her waking up all the time he decides some hypnosis will fix the problem and hypnotizes her to keep her out.

As you guys know I do love my silly knockouts, more of the silly reactions kind but sometimes just being silly is fun too. She doesn’t react silly, so no rolling eyes or tongue sticking out. That’s what this one works. Each bonk on the head sends Kylie into a laughing fit before she falls asleep. On her first knockout she start falling out of her dress, then later her boyfriend helps with the rest, easily the best part of the vid. Anyway, a silly KO vid with a gorgeous girl that is definitely good for a laugh.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


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