Review of KO’d In Spandex 2

Review of DREAM LAND CLIPSKO’d In Spandex 2 – 17 mins

Kymberly Jane attacks Wenona for no reason at all and immediately applies some Headscissors on Wenona’s neck just squeezing her into unconsciousness. She keeps it up many times waking her up and putting her back to dreamland, talking tons of trash along the way. Then she finally, she picks Wenona up and piledrivers her into the mats leaving Wenona unconscious. Wenona afterwards returns the favors using her strong legs and thighs to extract many KOs out of Kym. Wenona is now the one talking trash, after putting Kym out and before long she piledrivers on Kym sending her into dreamland. Revenge can be so sweet.

No storyline need here, the beautiful Kym Jane just decides to KO Wenona several times. The struggle Wenona puts up is great, but the camera is sometimes too far away to really see her facial reactions, but what you can see is great, because it’s Wenona. The piledriver makes Wenona twitch a little, but again the camera kind of misses some of this, as it focuses on Kym’s victory pose. After a quick cut, it’s Wenona’s turn for retribution. She puts Kym through the same paces as she was put though, with an added piledriver. The KOs are short lived, but frequent. Kym does not twitch from the piledriver. Both girls wear tight pants and bikini tops. Kym’s is like yoga pant, Wenona’s is shiny and latex like, both look great. Overall, the KOs could be done a little better, a longer, closer look at the KO’d girls, and the camera work could be better, getting some more facial reactions and getting closer, more often to the action. Other than that, girls look great, put up a great struggle, plenty of KOs and this vid is sold in 2 parts as well, so I you only want to see one girl win, or lose you can do that too.

Overall Score: 8/10