Review of Kobe Lee: Punched Out!

Review of Heroine UniverseKobe Lee: Punched Out! – 17 mins

Kobe Lee as herself plays in 4 separate scenarios, in each scene a mysterious person punches her out, and with her completely out and limp, her bare feet are heavily fondled, as she lays there completely out and helpless to stop it. SCENE 1 – Kobe enters a room, and POV-style, gets a tap on the shoulder. Spinning around, she’s punched. Staggering around, she falls backward, her feet coming up into view. On the floor and completely out, we see her bare feet fondled. Several minutes of barefoot fondling, before she wakes and is punched out again. SCENE 2 – Kobe walks into a room. Another tap on the shoulder, another spin, and then punched out. This time face down on the floor, her upturned bare soles are fondled for several minutes. When she begins to wake, she’s punched back out. SCENE 3 – On the couch, Kobe is happy to see you, but you have a surprise for her, a punch to the face! You punch her out, and then fondle her bare feet for several minutes. SCENE 4 – Waking up, Kobe is a bit mad with you, but you trick her again, with another punch to the face! With Kobe completely out face down on the couch, you continue to fondle her feet.

This is definitely one for all those feet fans out there. The KOs are quick and a little silly, but the pure focus of this is one is all about her feet. I like the way Kobe sells this, even though it not too much for her to do on the reactions side of this one. There are plenty of great up close shots of her feet and thankful the vid is separated into four parts, each gives us a new KO and a new position with each one. Overall, it’s a little too foot focused for me, but thanks to the amount of silly KOs and some nice camera angles, it was still quite enjoyable.

Overall Score: 8/10