Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldKNOCKOUTS FOR THE DIVA – 16 Mins

ALEXIn this hilarious and action-packed custom, Jacquelyn Velvets plays the ultimate valley girl diva, hired to show up at a “shoot” with pro wrestler Alex. Velvets is completely unaware that she’s supposed to be there for an actual match, and proceeds to shower Alex with insults until the Korean fighter traps her in an armlock and presses her face into the wall! Outraged, Velvets vows revenge, and we fade in to the actual match with both ladies back to back and ready to brawl. Much to Alex’s surprise, Velvets traps her in an armlock and tosses her into the wall!   Alex tries to attack from behind, but is met with a slap! Stunned, Alex suddenly becomes the victim of an initially unlikely beatdown! Jacquelyn the Diva wipes the mats with the SKW pro, using a myriad of moves and attacks to decimate her opponent! Alex comes to minutes later, with Jacquelyn nowhere to be seen. She manages to crawl to the edge of the mats, only to meet a sudden KO kick from the Diva! Alex flies back, completely OUT COLD as Jacquelyn takes a few snap shots before leaving the room!

This one is just fun, I like how this was set up, making you think that Alex would be able to handle this valley girl without any problem, just to get totally dominated and humiliated. Jacquelyn’s performance is picture perfect and she beats up Alex in a very unique way. Jackie not only uses her phone as weapon at one point, but she’s also using it to add humiliation, taking pictures and sending messages while dominating the match. It’s incredibly entertaining to watch as Alex lies on the mats in pain or barely conscious while Jackie mocks her and takes pictures. Alex sells this great too, making it look almost as if Jackie has super human strength, just completely helpless to get in any kind of offense in at all. Just when Alex thinks the beating is final over, a kick out of nowhere puts Alex back out again. Overall, this video is super unique and entertaining video, I love how it all came together and Jackie is the one who really makes this one so fun. I would love to see this Valley girl dominate and humiliate some other pro wrestler who thinks they’re tough.

Overall Score: 8.5/10