Review of Knockout Match – Many KO – Many Victory Poses

Review of Defeated Knockout Match – Many KO – Many Victory Poses – 25.5 Mins

vic poseThis match includes LOTS of KOs, Isabella destroys Nataly with many different Smothers until Nataly passes out and submits to Isabella. Isabella chokes her with her feet, with hands over her mouth, with foot smother, headscissors, facesittings…. without any chance for Nataly to escape. Each KO is has a victory pose. Not happy just with that, Isabella wants to humiliate Nataly more, forcing her to lick her feet while playing with her nipples and lick her pussy until her orgasm, and then, sending her KO again with her pussy!

This one is exactly what the title suggests, plenty of KOs and victory poses. The action does get extra sexy near the end as Isabelle gets her rocks off while sitting on Nataly’s face. The KOs come at a pretty good pace, never taking too long for the next one. Lots of feet in the face and feet in the mouth, this is a defeated vid, so that is totally expected, but a good mix of moves this time, at least for the KOs. Adding insult to injury Isabella takes Nataly’s panties and wraps it around her face, and then they just hang around her neck for a while, till Isabella finally takes them off her. I found that pretty funny, good humiliation. Isabella has is super confident and really looks so proud and confident during her victory poses. Nataly is really sexy and looks just about terrified for most of the vid, whenever she’s conscious. Overall, I love the KOs and victory poses. I like the confidence pouring out of Isabella and some sexual domination in the end to top it off is a nice touch.

Overall Score: 9/10