Review of Knocked Out and Felt Up

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsKnocked Out and Felt Up – 17 Mins

KERIKeri is getting limber on the mats waiting for her opponent to come on, super psyched to hear she’s finally getting to go against somebody on her level. Needless to say she’s equally amused and annoyed when Carissa Montgomery comes in. Keri tells her just as much, pointing out that she’s got absolutely no skill and no business showing up for a match against her. Carissa defends herself, saying she has been training a lot and has even specialized in a particular fighting style. Keri sarcastically asks her to ‘go on’ and tell her all about it! Carissa excitedly and confidently explains that she is now a master in Sleepy Self Defense and martial arts. Keri almost falls flat on the mats laughing at her, but decides to have some fun with the obviously dim witted Carissa. She challenges her to a most K O’s match, rolling her eyes and almost yawning as she gets ready to square up against the ‘Sleepy Self Defense’ specialist. When they lock horns, Keri does so at half mast and it’s immediately clear that was a mistake. Carissa quickly locks on a body scissor/sleeper combo, shocking the hell out of the cocky Keri Spectrum. Keri struggles and attempts all of her escape methods, but she ultimately goes out. Carissa does an eye check followed by a limp arm and leg check. Yup, Keri’s out! Keri comes around, though, and is frustrated. Mumbling that Carissa got lucky, she launches at her opponent. Fired up, she is able to apply a body scissor long enough to get Carissa to feel the pain. It’s short lived, though, as Carissa slams her elbows deep into Keri’s thighs, breaking the hold. She scrambles on top of Keri into a full mount and applies a nerve pinch, pushing down with her body weight. Keri is wide eyed and panicking, but with all of Carissa’s weight centered on her throat there is no chance for escape. Carissa gets the K O again. Carissa can’t help herself at this point…the truth is, she got into the Sleepy arts because it REALLY turns her on. After thoroughly checking Keri’s limbs for limpness, she peppers her body and breasts with kisses generously, murmuring how delicious her curves are. When she gets to Keri’s lips and gives them a lick, Keri comes too quickly and shoves her away, freaking out. She jumps at Carissa again in disgust and anger, but she’s worn down from too many K O’s. She pulls her into a guard position body scissor, trying to squeeze her ribs as tight as she can. Carissa struggles briefly, breathing through the pain. When Keri goes to adjust before going for another strong pump of her legs, Carissa breaks out. She yanks the weakened Keri up the her feet by her hair and throws her into and over the knee back breaker. Confused where this is going, and aware this is not a choke, Keri tries to push off. Carissa’s intentions become clear when she reaches down and squeezes off Keri’s windpipe with her hand, pushing down hard while holding the back breaker tight. Keri is in physical and asphyxiated agony as the buxom sexy blonde relishes in her winning streak. Once again, Keri’s consciousness dwindles until her eyes roll back, glassy and blank. Carissa is feeling even more devious and sexual now, and although Keri is out, she wants to feel her hands on her body. Carissa exposes her own breasts, reaching down and using Keri’s limp hands to caress and sensually tweak her nipples. She moans in pleasure as she uses Keri’s hands to her own satisfaction. Carissa then lays flat on top of Keri, grinding her pelvis up her body and pressing her naked breasts and nipples on Keri’s open, slack mouth. Just as she’s murmuring in ecstasy that she hopes Keri stays out for a while, the sleeping beauty comes to. Although Carissa jumps up fast to cover her breasts, Keri caught the gist of what was going on there! She screams at Carissa for being a slut and a pervert, totally disgusted and offended. Too weak for a good take down, Keri tackles Carissa flat on the ground and squeezes her torso as tight as she can in a grounded bear hug. She’s using all of the strength she has left, and it’s enough to have Carissa take pause. It’s not enough to help her escape her nightmare of sleepiness, however. When Carissa is able to roll to the side and pry Keri’s arms open, she is in the prime position to get on Keri’s back. She is fast, yanking Keri’s arms up into a camel clutch. Instead of positioning her hands beneath her chin, though, she modifies the hold and applies a sleeper. Keri is genuinely in the worst KO position of the match here, her face going red immediately and her eyes going glassy. Every time Carissa cranks up on the clutch, Keri’s consciousness fades until it is no more. Carissa rolls Keri over and takes her time admiring her sweet ass. She squeezes it, massages it and bites it. She doesn’t quit there, though. She wants a taste, too. She licks Keri’ ass check, reveling in her dominance over the supposedly unbeatable wrestler. Rolling Keri over, she mounts her in a body to body pin, grinding against her suggestively for her own please while rubbing her breasts in her face. When Keri comes to, Carissa just feels bad for her at this point. Looking down at the pitiful ‘hard ass’, she tells her just as much. Keri is a weak, weeping mess when Carissa tells her it’s now time for her punishment. With a look of confusion, Keri asks in a daze what she’s implying. Before she can complete her thought, Carissa slams her pussy on her face in a full frontal face sit, blocking off all of her air. Carissa laughs and plants her weight down. holding down the loser with pride. She enjoys every single moment of her face sit punishment round. When Keri is properly humiliated and Carissa is satisfied in every way possible, she stands up and victory poses over her biggest achievement to date.

This is one of my favorite thing to see in Keri’s store, a humiliating, multi KO match, where the ever so confident Keri is the one on the losing side. Even better when it’s a total domination. I know Carissa had a little trouble in a few rounds, but she never got close to getting KO’d. I get all the thing I love about seeing Keri on the losing side. We get plenty of great KOs with very nice camera work, letting us see those big beautiful eyes of Keri roll and cross as she passes out and nice angles of Keri as she KO and being felt up by Carissa. I also really like this idea behind this vid. It’s a lot of fun to watch as Carissa tries to secretly feel up Keri and even having Keri feel her up, all while Keri is out cold. When Keri wakes up Carissa quickly tries to act like she wasn’t up to anything. You can’t help but laugh at that. It’s a great idea that is really fun, really sexy and really well done. We definitely don’t get enough of seeing Keri dominated in a multi KO match like this and I would hope something just like this comes again soon.

Overall Score: 9/10