Review of Knock Out Purchase

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsKnock Out Purchase – 14 Mins

KERI KOKeri has purchased Maci from the human trafficking market and is VERY pleased with the buy. She has a taste for hunting beautiful ladies…on her terms, in her house, with the objective being to send her prey into unconsciousness over and over again. Keri explains to Maci upon entering her home that she will remove her blind fold and ropes. Once free, she expects her to run and hide, letting her know that she will indeed catch her and love every minute of it. Maci is untied and runs into the next room looking for a place to hide. Keri stalks in quietly, laughing at her victim. Maci and Keri face off around a table. When Maci takes a dodge to the left, Keri hits her in the stomach and blasts her with sleepy spray. Maci’s eyes go wide, rolling and showing the whites. She falls to her knees, clearly woozy, before totally going out on the floor. Keri chuckles and caresses her, slowly undressing her limp body. She plays with each body part and rag dolls her, pulling up on her arms and swinging her. She also checks her eyes, murmuring about her beauty and how much this is turning her on. Maci slowly comes to and books to another room, hiding in a closet. Keri follows and looks around halfheartedly before ‘pretending’ to leave the room. Maci shoots out of the closet and sees Keri. She leaps onto the bed, absolutely terrified. Keri hops on with her and applies a tight sleeper hold. Maci struggles profusely but her efforts are fruitless…she once again displays a wide eyed dramatic trip to sleepy land. Keri continues her exploration of her body, rubbing and caressing before removing her bra. She cups Maci’s perky breasts and claims them as her own before moving on to her favorite pastime: limp checks and hand drops. She drags Maci to the edge of the bed to rag doll her. The leggy brunette begins to rouse and makes a run for it. Keri is prepared, producing a syringe filled with sleepy juice. Maci exposes her beautiful bum to Keri and she takes advantage of the opportunity, injecting her swiftly. Pleased with herself, Keri checks her eyes and extremities for consciousness. She of course can’t help herself so she gropes and fondles her as well. When Maci starts coming to Keri comes at her with a K O mask. She tells her that she looks woozy, and to put on the mask to help her breathe better. Maci is no fool and starts to argue. Keri abruptly tells her she WILL be putting on the mask. Maci begins crying and slowly puts on the apparatus. As soon as it’s applied the drug sets in. She stumbles and fumbles trying to crawl across the bed to escape as Keri watches with pleasure. She collapses not once, but twice before going out totally, falling to the floor. Keri resumes all of her play, loving every portion of Maci’s sleepy body. Every touch of her limp body causes vast arousal for Ms. Spectrum. Maci awakens yet again to Keri pulling her into her body and applying a kloro rag. She covers her nose and mouth with the soaked cloth, and Maci slowly submits to the drug. Keri holds her tight, smelling her hair and slowly caressing her. Maci bounces back quickly and Keri is prepared with a hand over mouth/nose plug tactic, one of her favorites. Maci fights, panic stricken, but Keri is just too strong and skilled. She’s out. Having grown a bit bored of her play toy, Keri calls her supplier and lets him know she needs another purchase. The supplier asks how she enjoyed Maci, and she said that she THOROUGHLY enjoyed her company, but needs a bit livelier victim to chase. She arranges a pickup of Maci and saunters off the premises.

This is a great story idea, with Maci being purchased just for Keri KO games. I like how Keri plays a cat and mouse game, letting Maci try to run away. It’s really fun to watch the terrified Maci try to escape the devious and super sexy, Keri, only to be easily caught and knocked out. Great eyerolling from Maci, all the KOs look really great thanks to her awesome selling and really good eyerolling. While Maci is out, Keri does as she wishes with her limp body. Of course, this includes stripping her down and playing with her limbs. The ending is always done the best way as well. Now that Keri’s had her fun and broken her toy, it’s time to order a new one and to have the only one taken away. I really hope there are more done like this one. The idea is amazing and I could easily see this becoming a series, where visiting girls play the victim. Like Staying in and Going Out, from Velvets. I really think this would be a great thing for Keri to do.

Overall Score: 9.5/10