Review of Knock Out Purchase: Sarah

Review of Spectrum Custom Requests Knock Out Purchase: Sarah – 19 Mins

SarahCali has purchased Sarah as a personal human toy to entertain her fetishes and sexual desires. She marches a terrified Sarah in blindfolded, gripping her tightly by the arm. Once the room is secure, she tears off the blindfold and throws the sexy buxom redhead on the bed. Before her little play thing can even make a at running, Cali lets her know ‘how things are going to be’. She evaluates every aspect of her body and face, murmuring and commenting on how sexy and beautiful she is. Cali’s hands roam, wander and caress an obviously stunned, humiliated and horrified Sarah, standing her up to continue her body search. Once standing, Cali lets her perverse games begin. She applies a nerve pinch to Sarah, rocking her body into a rigid platform and popping her eyes into rolling orbs of fading consciousness. Sarah goes limp before falling against the aroused Cali. Then she’s brought to the bed. Cali limp checks and plays as well as removes the sleeping beauty’s top, showcasing perfect breasts in a sexy bra. Cali fantasizes and talks about how hot this all is as she continues her explorations. Sarah comes around, and when she does, the cat and mouse really begins! Cali has her locked securely in the warehouse type setting, so she enjoys putting her out multiple times and stripping her while she’s under. Sarah becomes more and more dazed from each attack. Cali continues with her play toy until she thinks it’s time to bring her back to the bed for some ‘real fun’

I am really happy to see another of these KO purchase videos, still hoping that this becomes a long running series. This time we get to see Cali, who I assume is Keri’s contact for getting girls to play with, testing out her newest acquisition. Sarah Brooke, an awesome new talent that keeps coming across my desk. This girls has been all over place and has been putting on a good show every time I’ve seen her so far, with this one being no different. Cali has a lot of fun with her new toy, playing a fun “cat and mouse” game. Sarah is allowed to run away, only to have nowhere to go, getting trapped and KO’d by Cali again and again. Great selling from Sarah, she looks terrified, and gives us great eyerolling as her consciousness slowly slips away. Cali is merciless and perfectly evil as she calmly chases, KOs and plays with poor Sarah. In the end, Cali does Sarah’s makeup while she’s out, prepping her for sale. This is a great video, a great storyline, especially if you saw the first one with Keri, and you guys need to keep an eye out for Sarah Brooke, the girls make waves.

Overall Score: 9/10