Review of Knock Out Divas

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsKnock Out Divas – 12 mins

Keri and Lia venture into a match where a fall can be won only by obtaining a knock out. In the beginning it seems they will be fairly even, Keri and Lia both obtain a few back and forth KOs. After the first few rounds, though, Lia ups the ante and really unleashes on Keri, putting her out over and over again. Keri ends up helpless as Lia knocks her out 4 times in a row and claims herself as the winner. She even takes the scoreboard of the wall and sticks it to Keri chest so when she wakes up she can see what happened.

This is a great change to the normal back and forth vids we normal see, just when you think that it’s just going to be back and forth the whole way, Lia takes over and totally dominates. Both girls sell pretty good, but I’m glad Keri lost, because she is amazing in every way. I love the way she sells her KOs. Lia sticking the scoreboard to Keri’s chest is a great insult to injury. Overall, a beautiful vid, love the bra and panties for the awesome bodied girls, great amount of KOs with great selling and glad to see a different outcome than just a regular back and forth KO battle.

Overall Score: 8.5/10