Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldKNIGHT TAKES ROOKIE PAWNS – 20 mins

In this gauntlet match, filmed in Los Angeles, Diana Knight takes on Jamie Daniels, Shauna Ryanne, and Jacquelyn Velvets, one at a time. If Knight manages to win each time, she gets a bonus fourth round against all three opponents. First up is Jamie Daniels, she takes an early lead with a camel clutch, but Diana reverses and picks her up in a fireman’s carry/airplane spin. She pulls Jamie down by her hair and traps her in a body scissors, a single boston crab, and a tight sleeper hold that puts Jamie out. Her partners carry her to the couch and the Shauna steps up next, Shauna has a strong start, trapping Diana in a standing bearhug, followed by a neck scissors.  Diana follows with a camel clutch, a standing surfboard and a figure four neckscissors KO. Diana goes for the pin but Shauna kicks out, prompting Diana to deliver a flurry of face punches until Shauna is out for good. Jackie is next and Diana traps Jacquelyn in a choke, but Jacquelyns sweeps the leg and applies a brutal figure four leglock. She then applies an Indian Deathlock, following up with a body scissors/sleeper hold that puts Diana out. Jacquelyn goes for a schoolgirl pin but Diana kicks out, trapping her in a leglock. She follows with a single standing leglock, a single crab, a front sleeper KO that ends the round. All three ladies lay on the couch, weakened as Diana attacks.  She tosses them down to the mats and ends it all by trapping Jamie and Jacquelyn in a double neckscissors while clamping a sleeper hold on Shauna squeezing with all her might until all three ladies are out. Diana strikes a final victory pose over her opponents’ bodies.

It’s always great to see some of the LA girls in action. Diana Knight is a well know badass in this community and she’s proving that in this. Jamie Daniels isn’t a west coast girl, but she is a favorite of mine. She stands no chance against Diana and it’s great to watch as she is taken out and then is left to sleep it off in the background. I always like that we get to see the previous victims sleeping in the back while the rest of the girls battle it out. Shauna is next, she’s an awesome west coast girlm who puts up a little fight, even kicking out of a pin, but soon Diana lays her out too. I love Diana’s pins here, folding Shauna up nicely. Jacquelyn Velvets is the last one up. She not only puts up a good fight, but actually KOs Diana, for a second. Then Diana is quick to take back over putting Jackie out fast. Of course Jackie gives us a great eyeroll for her KO. I will never get tired of that. Last round is quick and easy, as Diana takes the all out again. Would have like some quick pins here, but Diana looks outstand posing over her victims. Overall, this is a good gauntlet match and it’s a great chance to see these great girls that aren’t at SKW too often.

Overall Score: 8.5/10