Review of Keri Meets The Queen

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKeri Meets The Queen – 25 mins

The popular Keri Spectrum is known for her grappling abilities, but is she a match for Antoinette? This match is a best out of 7 falls wrestling match that contains all the elements that you’ve come to love. Body slams, scissors, chokes, shoulder carries, clotheslines, corner work, leg locks, and plenty of 10 count pins done in a variety of ways. Antoinette starts out strong going ahead two falls to none, but Keri escapes a headlock to begin her own domination of the Latina Queen, taking the next three falls in a r/ow. The fans of Antoinette don’t have to worry, because she makes a comeback, as she tends to do and destroys Keri. Antoinette adds insult to injury by rolling Keri out of the ring for a final schoolgirl pin and victory pose for her fans.

You know, I don’t think I ever noticed just how big Keri is, I always knew she was bigger than your average girl, but didn’t realize she was nearly the size of Antoinette. So, I was glad to see that Keri wasn’t a push over. Keri probably came the closest to beating Antoinette. She took 3 of the 4 rounds she needed to win and almost got the last fall, but Antoinette wasn’t about to give up her crown. These girls give us a great show, lots great chokes, scissors and barely conscious pins. Although with these two powerhouses, I feel like this was lacking in the power moves. They seemed to handle each other well for bodyslams, but didn’t go much further than that. So, I would have liked them to show off a little more of their lift and carry strength. Overall, it was really cool to see Keri got toe to toe with Antoinette and almost take her down, but it’s also great that Antoinette made the comeback, because we get to see some great selling for Keri.

Overall Score: 9/10