Review of Kendall Facesitting & Piledrivers On Evangeline

Review of DreamlandKendall Facesitting & Piledrivers On Evangeline – 14 mins

Kendall, in the zebra bikini with the red trim and Evangeline, in the white bikini, square off on the mats dressed in their super sexy bikini’s and boots. Kendall is strong, and Evangeline is quick and aggressive which makes for the perfect match up. Except the fact that Kendall likes to use the piledriver to put her opponent out and weaken her. Kendall immediately grabs Evangeline and tosses her to the mats. She follows up with heavy face crushing facesit which has Evangeline struggling for air. To make matters worse, Kendall uses breast smothers right after, to weaken Evangeline even more. Now that Evangeline was distracted trying to catch her breath, Kendall drags her to her feet, hoists her high in the air, and slams her the mats in a perfect piledriver. Kendall rolls Evangeline onto her back and as she comes to Kendall was now in reverse, ready to give Evangeline a taste of her ass. Evangeline found herself trapped in a brutal reverse facesit, with no option other than to tap out to get air. As Kendall leaned forward, Evangeline caught Kendall in a head scissor, and rolled her over, now Kendall is tapping from the scissor. Evangeline couldn’t hold her stronger opponent very long before she found herself once again upside down, being piledriven to the mats. Kendall rolls Evangeline to her back, and facesits Evangeline and makes it look sexy, Evangeline weak and not able to fight anymore, with Kendall following up with one last brutal piledriver sending Evangeline out once and for all.

This title may make you think this match it one sided, but that’s not quite the case. Kendall does have control for most of the match, but the headscissors that Evangeline got had Kendall in big trouble for a quite while. The facesitting is very humiliating, sold pretty well and there’s plenty of it. The piledrivers do cause a KOs, although they are very short lived. Kendall has a really tough attitude, but Evangeline tries to give it back to her, even though she doesn’t have too much time to breath, much less talk. I love the bikinis and boots, both girls look amazing. In the end, I was happy to see that Evangeline looked exhausted just before the final piledriver which put her out good. Overall, there’s a couple of quick KOs, due to piledrives which is good, but I would like the KOs to last a little longer and little bit of limp play is always a good idea. Love the humiliating facesitting and that it was mostly one sided and it’s pretty all sold well.

Overall Score: 8/10