Review of Keeping Her Out

Review of Keeping Her Out – 10 mins

A man sneaks in Kayla’s house when she comes into the room, he sneaks up on her and punches her out cold. He drags her to the couch pulls her top off an plays with her boobs. She wakes up a little and tries to stop him, but is still out of it. He quickly tires of her struggles and with another punch she’s out cold again. The next scene Kayla runs up to him and tries to fight him. She fails and after a few punches she on her knees, out of it. He lays her on her back and plays with her boos again, she’s still a little conscious, but another punch fixes that. Next, on the bed, he sits her up and lets her flop back to the bed a number of times, she’s not totally out cold, but too weak to stop him. Next scene, she attacks him again, jumping on his back. He slams her against the wall to get her off his back and a few punches to knock her out. He takes her to bed takes of her panties, she wake up a little, but one more punch and she out cold and now he can do what ever he wants.

This is a great vid, I love the punches here, Kayla always sells them great and they look really awesome. She’s topless pretty much the entire time and he plays with her boobs a lot. She’s often half conscious, so you can see her eyes rolling and fluttering as she tries to stop him. It’s also great that she keeps coming back to fight him, only to get KO’d again, Overall, this is an awesome vid, great punches to the face, great KO’s, half consciousness and limp play. Easily a vid worth checking out, as Kayla hits another home run.

Overall Score: 9/10