Review of KAYLA VS THE INVISIBLE – 22 min

It’s invisible heel time again folks and this time we have new comer Kayla Lael. Kayla is here for an audition for SKW and wants to do an invisible heel wrestling match. SK tells Kayla what her opponent looks like and Kayla takes over from here. she narrates her entire one sided ordeal, making sure we know exactly what happening to her. Kayla gives herself one hell of a beating, going through multiple KOs, pins, a little ragdolling and even some overkill action. She brings it all to a close with a couple of x-factors and a few more body splashes, before the final pin. After one more good look at Kayla KO’d, she hops up and SK congratulates her on a job well done.

Kayla Lael is a name i didn’t even know 2 months ago, but with this video here, she has cemented her name in my mind forever. For someone who, as far as i know, doesn’t have too much experience in this line of business, absolutely kills this role. It’s not everyday that we come across some one who can just jump in and get what we as fans like to see, right away, but she did. This is easily just as good as Sumiko’s or Anne Marie’s. Yea, I said it. There are some very tiny details that aren’t perfect, but most of you won’t notice. If there was one thing to change, it would be her eye make up. As cool as it looks, some times it makes it hard to see what her eyes are doing while she’s selling. That being said, I love her reactions, the way she talks when she’s KO’d, the yellow bikini and boots, all the great KO poses, the overkill/ragdoll content and SK, being in the right place at the right time, like he tends to do, for tons of great shots of Kayla doing her thing. This vid gets my “best vid of the update” award! You guys seriously can’t miss this.

Overall Score: 10/10