Review of Kat’s Initiation

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKat’s Initiation – 13 mins

Peyton and Becca are in the dressing room discussing how they both lost to Kat because they underestimated her. Suddenly Kat enters and tells them that she needs the dressing room and doesn’t share the mirror “with losers”! Peyton goes at her, but Becca holds her back and takes her out of the dressing room. Out beside the ring, Becca informs Peyton that she’s got a match against Kat and invites her friend to join her for a little “initiation” for one of the newest wrestlers! When the match begins, Becca quickly overpowers Kat and forces her to the ropes. Peyton then comes through the curtain and surprises the girl by wrapping her head in a scissors while Becca taunts her. Kat is helpless as the two girls take turns scissoring her on the ropes then double team her with belly punches. After taking the stunned girl down to the mat Peyton traps her in another head scissors while Becca puts her in a leg lock. Kat soon goes unconscious, but is woken up by Becca’s side head scissors and Peyton’s tight body scissors, which knock her out a second time! Becca then reaches outside the ring and gets two pair of boxing gloves to continue beating on poor Kat! After a sound beating, Kat lies unconscious on the mat as Becca and Peyton enjoy some double victory poses.

It seem a little late to me for Kat initiation, because I my mind, she’s already made a name for herself her. This is however is great time for a little attitude adjustment. I really like this set up, as Kat comes in, interrupting Becca and Peyton, who just happen to be talking about her, only making it worse calling them losers, causing Peyton to try and fight Kat right there and then. It was really well done and just like how nicely that intro came together. Once the match gets going, we get some really sexy 2 on 1 domination with good moves plenty of trash talk. The boxing part is my favorite, just for the taunting and make Kat beg to be KO’d, and then of course Becca and Peyton taking plenty of time to pose over Kat and congradulate each other on a job well done. Always a fan of the long victory posing scenes and it even better as Becca and Peyton almost give each other whiplash from patting each other on the back. Overall, a beautiful set up and a sexy 2 on 1 match make the final victory pose just so much sweeter. I wonder if Kat will find a way to seek revenge, or just steer clear of the Duo from now on?

Overall Score: 9/10