Review of Kat Meets The Queen

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKat Meets The Queen – 24 Mins

KatWe were surprised to see tiny and extremely cute Kat approach Antoinette and challenge her to a first to get 4 pins wrestling match! Antoinette simply laughed but agreed. We’ve got to hand it to Kat, although she took an incredible beating throughout this match, she managed to surprise the buxom Antoinette and gain 2 pins! But as you know, The Queen might have her weaker moments but always powers back with her incredible strength to TOTALLY dominate her victims. You’ll see all the great moves that you’ve come to love in these matches including body slams, leg drops, head scissors, clotheslines, foot chokes, fireman’s carries, torture racks, and lots of creative 10 count pins!

Kat must have been feel extremely powerful, because you would think that Kat would know better than challenging The Queen. Things go as you would expect with Antoinette taking control right was, easily controlling the tiny Kat. We get 3 rounds of Antoinette showing off her strength and flexing for the cameras after some sexy pins, before Kat finds a way to take control. Kat give Antoinette a little of her own medicine, Winning 2 rounds before Antoinette easily takes over again. Nothing too out of the ordinary here. I like Kat, she’s super skinny and sexy and looks great folded up and sprawled out under Antoinette.

Overall score: 8/10