Review of Kat Meets Cheyenne Jewel

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKat Meets Cheyenne Jewel – 15 mins

In this fun custom video, we join Kat sitting in the dressing room wearing a pink robe over her wrestling outfit. She complains that she doesn’t get enough chances to wrestle, so Rick informs her that a visitor is arriving and looking for a match. But he’s worried that the visitor is too strong for little Kat, but Kat is confident she can hold her own. We then cut to the ring as Kat makes her entrance and turns toward the corner to stretch. The curtains open and in comes the formidable Cheyenne Jewel who takes her corner and does a mighty muscle pose, calling out to Kat. When our tiny cutie turns and sees her opponent, she suddenly has regrets and tries to leave. Cheyenne grabs her, throws her in a corner and punches her in the face and belly! A snap mare gets Kat to the mat where Cheyenne knocks her out with a sleeper! The visiting beauty strips the robe off of Kat to reveal her tiny bikini and tanned body then wakes her up, telling her that this will be long and painful! What follows is a major beating that leaves Kat unconscious after most of the holds. Kat even finds herself tied up in the ropes and knocked out with belly punches! Finally, Cheyenne delivers a stunner to the little girl that drops her like a rock. A leg hook pin and 10 count makes Cheyenne the victor and she finishes this match off by rolling the unconscious Kat out of the ring and carrying her over one shoulder back to the dressing room “to have more fun with her!”

Nothing floats my boat like a beautiful squash match, which is exactly what we have here. Rick was right to be worried about putting Kat vs Cheyenne. We all know that Cheyenne is no small fry and quite powerful. Lucky for us, Kat didn’t have a clue and was easily destroyed by Cheyenne. We get plenty of knockouts throughout this destruction, some great submission holds, and Cheyenne making literal “light work” out of Kat. It was good selection of moves, nothing too crazy though, but good destruction and quite entertaining as well. Kat sells pretty well too, even a little tongue protrusion in there, which I was super happy to see. Also Kat looked great in her little bikini and converse boots. You guys know I love converse boots. Overall a totally loved this one-sided vid, Kat make a great jobber, and Cheyenne, as always, was a awesome heel.

Overall Score: 9/10