Review of Kat Meets Carrie

Review of Kat Meets Carrie

Another new face at FWR is Kat, she dances in the ring area when Carrie walks in. Apparently Kat has been hired for a dancing gig instead of Carrie and Carrie is not happy. Kat who happens to be a dancer and not a wrestler is completely defenseless when Carrie attacks her and tosses her in the ring. Carrie is in complete control as she has great joy torturing the poor inexperienced Kat. Carrie puts Kat though a great assortment of painful move and couple of KOs at the end.

This Kat is a gorgeous girl and for her 1st time in the ring does pretty good. Carrie definitely puts her to the test as Kat is bent and scissored before being KO’d. I was really happy with the few KOs at the end, Kat sold them well. I like that Kat plays a girl who can’t wrestle. I think that’s a great role for newbie. A good squash match from the new Kat and hopeful she sticks around. I look forward to seeing her again.

Overall Score: 8/10


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