Review of Kat Destroys LeAnn

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Kat Destroys LeAnn – 29.5 Mins

LeAnnWe join LeAnn in the ring as she talks about her frustration of losing so many matches lately. When her opponent, the tiny Kat, enters the ring LeAnn suddenly gains confidence! She knows she can defeat this thin beauty! Ah, but sweet LeAnn finds out that her confidence is short lived! The rules of this match are that the loser of each round must stand up and lift the arm of the winner. Spoiler alert … Kat NEVER raises the arm of LeAnn! Yes, our tiny and tanned beauty TOTALLY dominates LeAnn with submission after submission (with a sweet knockout thrown in!) Kat destroys LeAnn with a camel clutch, hammerlocks, double arm choke to surfboard, leg lock to boston crab, figure four head scissors, clothesline to standing bow and arrow, body scissor/full nelson, and a final long held school girl pin. Each round ends with poor LeAnn being forced to raise sexy Kat’s arm in victory and as this awesome match progresses, LeAnn shows her frustration to being dominated by her tanned and tiny opponent!

I find it funny that LeAnn has arguably become the biggest jobber at FWR. She not a tiny little girl, like Peyton or Kat, but she really does just lose to everyone, which is a great thing for us because she looks absolutely amazing and gets better and better at selling every time I see her. As is becoming normal with LeAnn’s matches we get an added humiliation feature, this time being LeAnn have to raise Kat’s hand after every round. It’s great watching LeAnn’s face turn from being angry about losing the early rounds to being sad and exhausted as the rounds pile up. Speaking of faces, we get a ton got great painful expressions from LeAnn as Kat twists and bends LeAnn through every round. It’s another good squash with LeAnn, we even get a really nice KO just about halfway through, and it’s always a little better when I get at least one KO.

Overall score: 8.5/10