Review of Karlie Montana vs. Puma

Review of Karlie Montana vs. Puma – 21 min

Anyone who’s seen Puma in action before has a good idea about what is about to happen to Karlie Montana. Karlie is stretching, waiting on Puma, when Puma shows up he confidently tells Karlie what’s going to happen to her when she loses. Karlie doesn’t seem to take him seriously and stays confident. The battle starts and Karlie quickly realizes just how overpowered and out matched she is. In no time flat, Karlie is being bent and stretched at Puma’s will. There is absolutely nothing she can do to free herself from his holds. After a quite torturous 20 or so minutes, Karlie finally admits her defeat, but, Puma isn’t quite done yet. He sleeper her out than make on imprint of his Puma tag on her butt, than leaves her to sleep off her defeat.

I love Karlie so much that even with only one KO in this match I am super happy with it. Watching Karlie get bent and stretched, totally helpless to stop the powerful Puma was awesome. Karlie has such an amazing body and reacts so great that I could watch this one again and again. But, yes, more KOs would make this one better. I’m not going to say I don’t need that, because I always want more KOs. Other than that, this video is perfect. I can not say enough how great it is to watch Karlie like this. At least it did end with a good KO, I like the silly imprinting of the word Puma on Karlie’s butt, as he promised her in the beginning and a great look at the beautiful, defeated Karlie.

Overall score: 9/10