Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldJORDYNNE GRACE vs THE INVISIBLE – 22 mins

It’s Jordynne Grace’s turn to face the invisible heel. This is the 1st time that we have the honer of an indie pro performing this match for us. Jordynne really brings it, giving us the most high impact performance ever. She’s attacked with clotheslines, snapmares, DDTs, a brutal chokeslam, multiple KOs via sleeper and cobra clutch, chair shot to the head, surfboard, single leg crab, post KO attacks, arm checks, multiple humiliation pins, and a final KO that puts her out for good. SK checks her limp limbs for the final count, then she hops up so SK can congratulate the pro for her amazing performance.

I had high hopes for Jordynne when I found out she was doing this video. Being the 1st indie pro, I really wanted her to bring it. I’m really happy to say, she did not disappoint. She put herself through the most high impact and high flying moves ever recorded for an invisible heel vid. Than she continues to till she is ragolling herself for the last few KOs Overall, this is an absolutely awesome addition to a great series. I love Jordynne for really bring it and looking outstanding.

Overall Score: 9.5/10