Review of Jenny’s Rag Doll

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJenny’s Rag Doll – 18.5 Mins

carryOur video opens with LeAnn stretching in the ring. She’s heard about Jenny and although the girl is much larger than her, she’s confident that her experience will make this an easy match. Jenny enters and gets right in LeAnn’s face, telling her that she’s going to turn her into a rag doll! The match begins and LeAnn quickly gets Jenny down and applies a tight reverse head scissors, but Jenny uses her strength to roll them both over and pop her head free. From there on out it’s a total squash match with LeAnn getting stomped in the crotch, body slammed, carried in both a fireman’s carry and torture rack, then humiliated with lots of over the shoulder carries, shoulder rides, piggy back rides … all while LeAnn begs to be let down! Jenny ends up sitting on little LeAnn in a school girl pin and counts to 9 but stops there because she wants to REALLY enjoy humiliating this rag doll! LeAnn is hoisted onto Jenny’s shoulders for a final fireman’s carry as she moans and groans in defeat and utter humiliation!

A big lift and carry vid here as Jenny carries LeAnn around with great ease. I’m not the biggest lift and carry guy, but watching LeAnn stretched over Jenny’s shoulders was pretty nice. There are no KO’s in this one, although LeAnn is just about out by the end. So, it’s not quite what we have come to know as a ragdoll, but what else would you call someone in LeAnn’s predicament? Of course a few KO’s would make this video better for me, The KO Junkie, or if LeAnn was out cold the whole time, that would be epic. However, LeAnn does put on a good show, struggling and begging to be set free, of course to no avail. Overall, this isn’t going to make any of my favorites lists, but LeAnn’s amazing body does make this one pretty easy to watch.

Overall Score: 7.5/10