Review of Jenny Spy Bikini Assassin!

Review of Jenny Spy Bikini Assassin!

Jasmine is a local police officer who catches Jenny, the assassin, mid conversion about her next target. Jasmine demands information, but Jenny isn’t talking. Frustrated, Jasmine whacks Jenny with her night stick. Jenny instantly goes loopy, sticking her tongue out and crossing her eyes before falling to the couch. Jasmine now carries Jenny to a bed for further interrogation. She uses some kind of magic or something me keep Jenny spread eagled on the bed. She than uses a combination of tickling her belly and choking to interrogate Jenny. Soon Jenny breaks and gives up the information. Jasmine cannot allow her plans to happen and takes down Jenny by stuffing her fingers in her mount. Once Jenny is gone, Jasmine plays with her mouth, lips, teeth and her belly for a while. When Jasmine has had enough fun she leave Jenny with her head hanging off the end of the bed.

This is a great silly video. I love all the tongue out stuff and there is a lot that in in this one. Jenny does an awesome job selling it. The story idea is pretty good. It’s performed good too, you can’t take this one seriously, which is how it should be. I could do with out the tickling, but its fitting for this style of video and its not focused on as Jasmine switches back and forth between tickling and choking which make Jenny’s tongue pop out. I love all the face play. This takes up a good portion of the video and its great to see. I did laugh a lot here too as Jasmine makes a few silly faces and gets in real close like she pretending to be a dentist or something. Overall this is a fun, goofy reactions video, good for fans of tongues hanging out.

Overall Score: 8/10


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