Review of Janelle Vs Stella: Cruel Destruction and Ragdolling

Review of Defeated Janelle Vs Stella: Cruel Destruction and Ragdolling – 25 Mins

StellaThe fight starts with an unexpected Janelle’s kick that sends Stella on the floor. Janelle totally destroys Stella, with cruel Scissor holds, painful Camel Clutches, Belly Punching, tight Headscissors and some backbreakers. Stella is suffering so much for the entire match, before getting KO’d with a headscissors that she’s way too weak to even try a break free from. Janelle isn’t finished whoever and wants to inflict more pain to her, deciding to ragdoll her when she’s KO’d. Stella is unconscious, but you can always see pain on her face. After Janelle’s had her feel she leaves Stella destroyed and out cold on the floor, but not before humiliation her a little by putting her foot on her face.

I have waiting for this vid for far too long, I nearly died waiting, but finally it’s here and Stella definitely made it worth the wait. Janelle is the perfect heel for this, she seems to beat up on Stella all the time and I love it. She’s mean, cocky and talks trash in a really cute way. I’m not sure is I like Janelle’s trash talk because she has a cute voice, or because it’s fun to try and figure out what she just said, because her English is so broken, but either way I like it. Stella delivers my favorite performance from Defeated so far, like I knew she would. The first half is just a brutal squash and it really takes no time at all for Stella to start showing signs of her incoming defeat. She looks weak and just lets Janelle have her way with her. Then when it comes to KO time, Stella is momentarily in this state of shock, where her eyes are wide open, but she’s seems to be out cold, I loved that moment. Once the head scissors is on tight, Stella fights a bit, but her eyes cross and then roll back and she’s out. Then it’s ragdoll time and of course the better half of the vid. Stella make an excellent ragdoll, she’s totally limp, but still reacts just right. You’ll see pain come to her face while Janelle bends her, then she fades back out. Janelle stomps and punches on her belly and her whole body flops and her eyes pop open wide, then she fades out again. It’s literally a perfect performance and Stella’s looks so good too, just look at those abs while she’s spread eagle on the mats. This was the ragdoll squash I wanted most from Defeated, and I’m really happy that it was all I hoped it would be. I will definitely be looking for more ragdolling from Stella as soon as possible, but next time I need some twitching and tongue protrusion.

Overall Score: 10/10