Review of Janelle vs 3 Girls: They gets destroyed and Bearhugged to KO

Review of DefeatedJanelle vs 3 Girls: They gets destroyed and Bearhugged to KO – 11 Mins

DefeatedStella and Janelle face each other in a fight to KO. Cruel female wrestling action at the beginning, including backbrackers & camel clutches. Janelle then locks Stella in a very powerful bearhug that puts her out cold. Ceci and Nina enter in action trying to save Stella, but Janelle put them down, into a DOUBLE BOSTON CRAB, then destroys them in a DOUBLE BEARHUG that sends them to sleep!!

Got some more wrestling action from Defeated, this time we got a match that starts out with Janelle just beating the daylights out of Stella and Stella again just does an awesome job selling. Then a very impressive bearhug puts Stella out cold and Janelle just kicks the KO’d Stella into the corner and two other girls walk up to challenge Janelle. Janelle just kind of shrugs her shoulder and get to beating them up too and making it looks easy. Another even more impressive bearhug puts both girls out at the same time. Janelle kicks both their bodies into the corner with Stella and flexes over all three defeated foes. Even more great wrestling action come from defeated. These guys just keep on impressing me and a have really become a favorite production of mine.

Overall score: 9.5/10