Review of JACQUELYN vs PANDORA – 12 min

We fade in on Jacquelyn and Pandora in their pre-match robes. Jackie boasts about how easy this match will be, becasue of how rusty Pandora much be. As they disrobe, Pandora says that she’s seen Jacquelyn’s matches and she’s not that great. Jackie wants to go for a test of strength, but Pandora goes for belly punch instead. Catching Jackie off guard gives Pandora control and she keeps control, totally squashing Miss Velvets. Pandora mainly uses her powerful scissors as well as some other popular tactics to KO Jackie again and again. In the end Pandora stands proud over the defeated and humiliated Velvets.

9 times out of 10 when you tell me Pandora’s in a match, I’m hopping she is on the losing side. That other 1 of 10 is the times when she goes up against someone like Jacquelyn Velvets. Jackie is such an awesome seller and she does the best eyerolling, ever. Its really great to see those amazing eye rolls trapped in those sexy, powerful legs. I love seeing Jackie getting knocked out, I don’t think it happens often enough, for how good she is. Overall, this is a great one sided vid, nothing over the top, no power moves, but a lot of great eye rolling and selling from Jackie and it was also great to see Pandora in a controlling role,

Overall Score: 8.5/10