Review of Jacquelyn Challenges Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJacquelyn Challenges Becca – 13.5 mins

Becca, thinking she’ll be the referee for a match, is met by Jacquelyn Velvets in the dressing room. Becca suddenly finds out that it’s a trick and that she’s the one who will be boxing Jacquelyn. This news doesn’t really faze the cute blond as she confidently goes to the ring and proceeds to dominate the surprised Jacquelyn. Becca pounds her opponent all around the ring, even trapping her legs in the turnbuckle for some huge belly and face punches, but Becca’s over confidence backfires on her as Jacquelyn lands a lucky desperation uppercut, sending the beautiful Becca to her butt. A little rolling catfight ensues and Jacquelyn comes out on top to go to town on Becca’s face and belly with punches. Becca ends up getting punched right out of the ring, smacked around on the carpet and couch, sent backwards through the curtains and outside the studio with hard jabs to her pretty face. Finally ending up dazed and groggy at poolside, Becca is told say goodnight and given an uppercut from Jacquelyn that sends her flying into the pool, out cold, with shots of Becca above and below the water, sleeping off that beatdown.

This makes twice we get see Becca KO’d and floating in the pool recently and that is an extremely great thing, both times at the hands of Jacquelyn Velvets. I love this whole video, from top to bottom. From the sexy outfits to when Jackie walks in a tries to drop a bomb on Becca, telling Becca that she’ll be her opponent, which doesn’t work. Becca shrugs is off and goes in to dominate Jackie. Just when you think Jackie is going to get completely dominated, she’s able to turn the tide with a lucky desperation punch, giving her control for the rest of the match and she really gives it to Becca. Oh and Becca face planting out of the turnbuckle after a flurry of punches, leaving her with her face on the ground, but her feet still in the ropes, love that. Then to top it all, the crazy set of jabs the steer Becca out of the ring area, out of the building, around the pool to the pool’s edge and final uppercut  that put Becca, clothes, gloves, boots and all, in pool and KO’d. A great, great vid, with great selling from Becca and Jackie as they both had plenty of awesome boxing action both winning and losing, great way to turn the tide and a crazy ending. There is no way you guys won’t love this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10