Review of Jackson’s Erotic Beatdown

Review of Hit the MatJackson’s Erotic Beatdown – 11 mins

Do you like jobbers? That’s the first thing Jackson asks you before this battle begins. In this POV Boxing custom, Jackson “does a job” for you, becoming your own personal punching bag, and loving it. She doesn’t even try to put up a fight and just lets you knock her around. Every once in a while she smiles as you ready your next punch. Lots of looking over her knocked down, laid out form. By the middle of the vid, her shorts come off and she’s left nude. You help her back up for more beating, which she is clear happy about. You continue to punch and knockdown Jackson till she finally asks you to knock her out and then says you can do whatever you want to her after. Of course, you knock her cold, but we’ll never know what fun you had after as it fades to black.

This is a brilliant idea for a vid, Jackson never planned on putting up a fight, and she makes it clear that she’s here just to be a jobber for you. The first punch dazes Jackson and she stays that way for the whole vid. She really sells her being out of it. She gives us lots of nice reactions as she’s so easy to knockdown and every time she goes down, you got to help her back up. Jackson starts this one topless with pink boxing shorts, but about half way through, the shorts get tossed aside and we get more boxing action with a full nude Jackson, which is awesome. I love the little smiles that Jackson gives you every now and then, just to show you she’s loving it just as much as you are. Overall, Jackson is so amazing in every way and this is a definitely something I would love to see some other girl perform.

Overall Score: 9/10