Review of Jab Fest IV

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Jab Fest IV – 15 Mins

AntoinetteThis story picks up from the end of “The Final Showdown”, where Antoinette lied about beating Vanessa in a boxing match in order to face Tara, a match she lost. Well, Vanessa is here to confront Antoinette about that lie and make her prove that she could actually beat her in a boxing match. Antoinette confidently accepts, figuring Vanessa wouldn’t have the stamina to compete against her. Unfortunately, Antoinette is dead wrong and what starts out as just a few punches getting through Antoinette’s guard, turns out to be round after round of completely one sided boxing action. Antoinette is totally Vanessa’s punching bag and is beaten all over the ring, with the bell being her only saving grace. Vanessa even gives Antoinette a few free punches, which have no effect. Although she’s beating the crap out of Antoinette, Vanessa has respect for how much punishment the beauty can handle, telling her that the two of them should form an alliance. She would train Antoinette so that they can defeat ALL the FWR girls! But, getting back to business, a final uppercut puts Antoinette down for good! Vanessa has one final message for Antoinette, that she was the first and most dominate Queen of The Ring!

I said that I love seeing Antoinette totally dominated every now and then and this may be the very best one so far. I love one sided boxing matches, with lots of knockdown and punch drunk reactions. Antoinette delivers all that, in great fashion, with great reactions, just being out of it and punch drunk from the nonstop jabs. Vanessa, being the tough, trash talking heel, is perfect. I love that Antoinette gets saved from certain defeat by the round ending a number of times and even picked up when she can’t beat the count for more punishment. Even the intro is noteworthy as it well acted and continues a storyline from some older vids. Easily worth checking out for those of us who love the see the powerful Antoinette completely dominated and defeated.

Overall Score: 9/10