Review of IT’S BUSINESS TIME: PART 4 – 31.5 x 2 = 63 mins

Belly beatdown lovers, rejoice, for your savior is here!! HAHAHA! In all seriousness though, We have Jacquelyn Velvets and Miriya, both star in their own 30 minute belly beatdown videos. Both wear formal suits, Miriya gets striped to a bikini for a bit and they take an astronomical number of belly focused attacks, all delivered by SK. He uses baton attacks, kicks, punches, stomps & elbow drops, anything and everything to cause damage to their midsections. In the end he leaves both girls laid out only for them to wake up in agonizing pain. They try to stand up, but are in too much pain to leave. We fade out on them writhing in pain on the mats.

These are the kind of belly punch vids i love. Lots of focus on the pain left behind from the belly focused beatings. Both Jackie and Miriya sell this really well. They’re are a few KOs in each of these although they are mostly short lived as the pain from their midsections quickly wake them and they begin writhing again. I like the writing and the pain never going away. Which leads me to my favorite part of both these vids, the ending. It starts with both Jackie and Miriya KO’d only to wake up from the pain, They try to gather themselves only to fail, collapsing from the pain. If I had to pick one of these as my favorite, it would be a hard pick. Miriya is a great seller and there’s some bikini action in her vid. Jackie, is also an awesome seller too, but I’m a huge sucker for her eye rolls. So I have to go with Jackie for her eyerolling, being the only real difference maker. Overall, this is an hour of amazing selling from Jacquelyn Velvets and Miriya, both in suits and heels. Got to love that just bases on how rare and special theses vids are.

Overall Score: 9/10