Review of Invisible Wrestling Some More

Review of Sumiko DreamsInvisible Wrestling Some More – 27 Mins

SUMIKOSumiko is back for another installment of the popular invisible wrestling series. This time she is up against a tag team! An ultra-sexy one piece suit accentuates her exquisite body. Sumiko talks us through this one-sided fantasy beat down. The partners destroy every inch of the gorgeous heroine’s body. You’ll think there are actually 2 large men in the room having their way with the overmatched beauty. She is subjected to multiple KOs by means of a double clothes line, sleepers, leg drops to her neck, double chops and top-of the-rope splash. She endures both severe pain and intense pleasure through her suffering. Sumiko is at her tormentor’s mercy as they double team her into erotic submission. Even her most sensitive areas are attacked as she describes the tingling feeling. The savagery continues even as she begs her foes for mercy. A final devastating sleeper sends her to dreamland and she falls to the mat in the most exposed position.

So, you all have seen Sumiko’s first instalment of her Invisible wrestling, HERE and if you haven’t, well you need to, now. Again Sumiko, of course, does an amazing job in her crazy one woman show. It’s always crazy to watch as Sumiko narrates her own destruction. I love the added sexiness of her enjoying her destruction. And quite a destruction it is. Sumiko is knocked out a lot, picked up, tortured some more, and KO’d again. Even when she’s out, the overkill attacks keep coming. So, my first question about this one as soon as I saw it was, I wonder which one is better? Well, turns out, they’re about the same. This one is a little longer, so there’s more action, that’s great. It’s Sumiko, so both performances are outstanding and well narrated. I really loved the other outfit from the first one, and I think there were more pins, but less KOs. I would say they’re even as far as content and sexiness, but the outfit in the first one is just better, for me, so the very slight edge goes to the original. Overall, this is just more of Sumiko being incredibly amazing, delivering us another video that you better not miss.

Overall Score: 9.9/10