Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldINVASION: LADY VICTORIA vs SUMIKO – 32 mins

We fade in on SK introducing both Lady Victoria and her opponent Sumiko, waiting patiently for them to disrobe into their gear before starting this epic match. It all starts in Sumiko’s favor, with the lovely Asian ducking in and out of Victoria’s grapple attempts. She drops the pro with a kick to the back, then dodges Victoria’s running splash. Sumiko drives multiple kicks into Victoria’s abs, follows up with belly blows, and traps Victoria in a brutal triangle choke that knocks the veteran OUT COLD!  Delighted, Sumiko goes for a split pin, but Victoria barely makes the kickout. Enraged, Sumiko goes back on the offensive, nailing a running snapmare that dazes the pro. She grabs a handful of Victoria’s hair, but the Lady pulls back and delivers a sudden LOW BLOW that floors Sumiko. Able to regain most of her strength, Victoria proceeds to unleash her rage on the stunned jobber. What follows, in true SKW fashion, is one hell of a beatdown and an intense lesson from a seasoned pro to a destroyed rookie.

Sumiko uses her super speed and agility to almost magically avoid and eventually KO Victoria. Which was totally crazy to see, in a David vs Goliath kind of way, but luckily for me, that didn’t last very long. Soon after the opening KO Victoria finally gets a hold of the speedy Sumiko and never lets her go, almost literally. She slows Sumiko down by taking out one of her legs. Which lead to one of my favorite part of this match, something that I’ve complained about in the past and that I’ve pretty much given up on, that’s when someone get hurt, they should act like it. Sumiko gets put in a figure four leg lock till she passes out and after when she’s forced to stand, she favors her leg, unable to walk right through a couple of KOs and quite some time till she was just too punch drunk for it to matter. It’s such a simple thing, but it means so much to me. Hopefully this could catch on. Another great thing about this is at the end, Lady V. wouldn’t let go of a hold, even though Sumiko is clearly out, with her eye rolled back, and SK was begging Victoria to end it. SK decides to interfere and pull Victoria off Sumiko, a mistake that cost him dearly, as Victoria turns her anger towards him, and the video comes to a close as she attacks. One hell of a way to end a video, creative, unexpected and very cool. Overall, even with Sumiko’s incredible start, she gets completely destroyed in the end, with tons of KOs, all with Sumiko’s stellar selling and awesome eyerolling. Also Lady V is the psychotic, dominate and merciless heel we all know and love!

Overall Score: 9.5/10