Review of Immerse Yourself: with Sumiko Part 3

Review of Velvets FantasiesImmerse Yourself: with Sumiko Part 3 – 45 mins

You catch Sumiko, the cat burglar, breaking into your home and watch as she thinks she has a clean get away. You stop this pretty thief in her tracks and catch her off guard with a bonk on the head. Now that you’ve captured your pesky prey, you’re given the opportunity to do a little thievery of your own by taking her belt, mask, and suit. With her defenses lowered, she desperately tries to fight back, but you’ve searched her bag of tricks and use everything meant for you on her instead. After quite a few knockouts, she’s ready to be tied up and left for the police to deal with, but somehow, even after a heavy dose of chloroform, she manages to escape with the disc she was originally looking for. This thief isn’t as smart as she may seem however, as you’re able to track her in her own home by using her cell phone that she left behind. Now you become the burglar as you break into her house, drug her drink, and await for her arrival so you can claim back what is rightfully yours. You won’t make it easy for her though, since you’re going to revel in some more sleepy fun as revenge. As a parting gift to the woozy thief after a successful interrogation, you grant her spoken wish for a final trip to Dreamland before making your way back home.

The only thing to make an awesome sleepy POV vid with Sumiko better is to add in little story. This storyline is so perfect for this kind of vid, because a lot of it is implied and you don’t need to say much to make sure everyone can follow along. This vid covers the better part of an hour and is so fun and so jam packed with excellent content, it’s entertaining  the whole way through. You’re having so much fun watching this vid it feels like it’s no more than 20 min. I love that Sumiko gets away, but leaves her phone behind so that you can find her. Makes a easy excuse to change her outfit, letting us KO her and strip her down again. A picture perfect performance from Sumiko, as always, she makes these so much fun to watch, no surprise this is the 3rd time we have Sumiko doing one of these, not counting Wonder Sumiko Sleeps. Overall, more excellent stuff from Sumiko and Miss Velvets, a must own if you don’t already and at a price that you can’t beat with a stick, there’s no reason not to get this.

Overall Score: 9.9/10