Review of Immerse Yourself: with Sumiko Part 2

Review of Velvets FantasiesImmerse Yourself: with Sumiko Part 2 – 28 mins

Sumiko’s at home working as you break in after some files. After breaking in, you do what you have to do, knocking her unconscious while you search for the file, but she keeps waking up and getting in your way. What was supposed to be a routine item retrieval is slowly turning into a game of KO cat and mouse with the feisty Sumiko that doesn’t hold back when she fight you.  After a while you realize that in between her overly woozy haze, this might just be a major perk that comes with your job. In the end you undress her, interrogate her, and threaten her with further knockouts and even handcuffs that finally gets her to reveal the location of the treasured file. Once again, you proceed to make sure this victim of causality won’t be getting in your way again!

Nothing not to love about this one, its just more excellent Sumiko POV action. Sumiko once again is absolutely outstanding. She looks awesome, sells awesome and delivers another homerun performance. Reviewing videos with Sumiko, especially ones like this, feel so useless. Sumiko always, always delivers. Add in the fact that Jacquelyn Velvets is behind the camera and running the show, pretty much seals the deal. It’s literally impossible for these two not to put out stellar content, working together. The KOs and limp play are perfectly spread out, not too much of either (although you could never have too many KOs) and plenty of KO tactics are used. So, to put it simply, when you see Sumiko doing a video with or for Jackie, go get it. Got it?

Overall Score: 9.5/10