Review of I SCREAM OF JEANNE 4 – 17 min

After taking down Sumiko and Avery, it’s time to up the difficulty for Little Jeanne, this time, putting her up against, Jordynne Grace. Jordynne should prove to me a much bigger challenge than Sumiko or Avery, right? Yes she is, well at 1st. Jordynne takes the 1st round over Jeanne pretty handily. Round 2, Jordynne expects to keep the pressure on, but unfortunately Jeanne is able to get out of the way of a wall splash, causing Jordynne to run into the wall and knock herself senseless. Jeanne takes this chance to take control of not only that round, but all the rest. Each round Jordynne get a little more tired, till the final round where she can barely stand and a power bomb finally puts her down for good.

Jordynne is a powerful girl as she showed us in the 1st round, but she also makes an outstanding jobber. Once Jeanne took over this vid really picked up steam. The way Jordynne sells is really good, its a little exaggerated, as she tosses herself a little further than expected or sits up after a move just to show us that she just to her senses knocked out of her. She also twitches a bit, for most round ending KOs. I really like that we get to see Jordynne get worn out as the round loses pile up, all the way to the point that she’s so out of it, she’s barely standing, Jeanne really show her strength here with a final power bomb that is very impressive. This is a great performance from Jordynne as Jeanne once again displays her dominance.

Overall Score: 9/10