Review of I Don’t Want to Wrestle Her!

Review of I Don’t Want to Wrestle Her!

Rick walks in on Payton in the dressing room, she starts begging to not be made to wrestle, old FWR local, Mindy. Payton knows she’s much smaller than Mindy and wouldn’t stand a chance against her. Rick gives her a boost in confidence by reminding her that Mindy can be beaten if she uses her speed to her advantage. Payton, now fully inspired heads off the her match. Once the match is under way Payton does take advantage right away and stays in control just long enough to think that she can take Mindy down. As soon as that thought crosses her lips Mindy reverses a move catching Payton off guard and it’s all down hill from here. Mindy uses her size and power to dominate the rest of the match, proving Payton’s 1st thought to be totally correct.

I’m becoming a pretty big fan of Payton, she is a lot of fun to watch. Its also great to see Mindy again. As far as this match goes, it was a painful day for Payton, no KO’s till the end, but lots of great head scissors, which are very sexy. So me being a KO fanatic, if a few of those head scissors ended in KO would make this better from me. Other than that, this vid is great, especially Payton caught in a head scissors saying, “I told you didn’t want to wrestle her!” That was great.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


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