Review of Humiliating Kayla

Review of Humiliating Kayla

Got another really cool one for you guys, from Kayla Obey. This one starts out with Kayla sleeping in bed when her boyfriend comes up and put her hand in a bowl of water, which does what its supposed to do to poor sleeping Kayla. This sudden added “wetness” wakes Kayla up and she springs out of bed. As soon as she’s on her feet her boyfriend knocks her out with a nasty punch to the face. While she’s out he removes her pants than carries her over he shoulders to a mat. Once there her rolls her over and puts her in a boston crab. Kayla wakes up from the pain, begging him to stop. When he finally does let her go, Kayla makes it to her feet where she is met with another brutal punch to the face that lays her out cold again. Now her boyfriend drag her limp body off the ground and into an over the knee back breaker. Kayla again wakes from the pain, but in stead of letting her go, he flips her over, still on his knee and starts to spank her. After her butt is good and red he lets her go. Back to her feet again, she catches another punch that leaver her drooling on the floor. A scissor, sleeper combo, puts Kayla out for the night, failing to break free from the hold. Her boyfriend finishes her off by “finishing” across her butt.

What a crazy combination of events happen in this video. What starts with a normal prank quickly escalates to an incredible beatdown and humiliation for poor Kayla. I really love every bit of this, except for the 1st scene and the very last scene. Both i felt where kind unnecessary and unfitting. But from Kayla springing out of the bed to being put to sleep by a sleeper is all excellent. I love the punch reactions, they are perfect. They all come out of no where and leave Kayla out cold. The one that leaves Kayla drooling is my favorite of the bunch. So, overall the two short scenes on both ends of this video do not diminish the excellence of the humiliating, limp play, carrying, wrestling video.

Overall Score: 9/10


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