Review of HTM 90: Pandora vs. Darrius parts C,D and E

Review of Hit The MatHTM 90: Pandora vs. Darrius parts C,D and E – 7 x 3 = 21 mins

This is an old Hit The Mat vid, back when they sold these big multi round boxing matches in 2 round clips, I skipped the 1st two clips because that’s when Pandora had the upper hand over Darrius and I have no interest in that. So, this picks up in the middle of the match, as Darrius starts to take control.

Round 5 starts Pandora’s downfall, the two start off trading punches, but Pandora is soon dropped to her knees. She quickly back up for more punch trading. She battles back to gain the upper hand for a little while, knocking Darrius to the mats. The round ends with no clear winner as both fighters retreat to their corners. Round 6 begins with Darrius taking immediate control, flooring Pandora early, just to help her back up her feet for more punishment. Pandora is clearly dazed now, she tries fighting back, but only ends up taking more punches. Pandora goes down again near the end of the round, but was saved by the bell. Round 7, Darrius picks up right where he left off, dropping Pandora in seconds. She makes it back to her feet, as Darrius begins to focus on her belly, holding her up against the wall, delivering punch after punch till the round ends. Round 8, Pandora’s head Is the new target, as she’s tossed back and forth by non-stop punches till she hits the mats. Barely beating the count, her head is still the main objective as more punches rain down on her. Pandora is dropped to the mats 2 more times before she’s saved by the bell again. Round 9, Pandora looks out of it, as she slowly walks forward into more or Darrius’ punches. Although she can barely stand, she manages to beat the count seveal times, once with a little help from Darrius. Round 10, Pandora is clearly out on her feet, but Darrius is still nice enough to help her back to her feet after delivering nothing but uppercuts to her chin. A final punch combo puts Pandora’s lights out as she flops to the mats unconscious, for the uncontested 10 count, making Darrius your clear winner.

I used to love these matches that were set up like this. I like the drawn out wearing down of Pandora, as the rounds go on the weaker she gets. It’s also great that Darrius would not settle for a simple 10, but kept picking Pandora back up till he finally knocked her out cold. Pandora puts up a great struggle, trying so hard to beat the count, so hard to fight back and stay on her feet. We don’t get too many facial reactions from Pandora, but the reactions we do see, like seeing her eyes roll back after taking a punch, is great. Some of the selling is best and the room is on the dark side. I do wish the rounds were longer, as they are quite short, I loved the saved by the bell idea, it’s a great way to make Pandora barely survive another round. It’s a little nostalgic to see this video. I wish this kind of boxing battle was still a thing. We just don’t get these longer, round by round destructions anymore. Overall, although older and of lower video quality, this is still quite an enjoyable video. A classic from a dead style of boxing videos.

Overall score: 8/10