Review of Honey, I will be your limp birthday present!

Review of Liza K FetishesHoney, I will be your limp birthday present! – 11 Mins

birthLiza is with her boyfriend, ready to make him a good present: her, limp, like a ragdoll. She gives him a rag with and pretends to run away. He catch her and her. She fights a lot against him. He put her on the floor. She finally falls asleep, totally limp. He wants to be sure she is out. He lift her body and neck to check her. He picks her limp body and cradle carry her. Her body is so limp in his arms and her neck so exposed. He walks in the rooms with her a body in his arms. He put her body on the couch, play with her limp body. Because he like limp body, he shakes her body, it’s hard sometimes to hold her. She start to wake up slowly, very groggy. She try to stand up, but hard for her to stand up, too groggy. He chloros her another time. She fights a little. She fall asleep in his arms, head in back dangling in the air, and neck exposed. He cradle carry her and play a last time with her body in his arms, so limp.

Now this is a girl that knows the way to her man’s heart, what an awesome birthday gift this is and a brilliant set up for a limp play vid. I love that she tries to get away, really playing it up for her boyfriend. Then we get some great limp pay as her carries her around and plays with his birthday gift. There’s no stripping in this one, a minor disappointment, but really no harm done, as Liza still looks awesome. I absolutely love this story idea and for a quick and simple limp play vid, it’s perfect. There’s also a part two to this video where Liza offers herself and her friend as a gift to him and you better believe I’ll be checking that one out soon.

Overall score: 9/10