Review of Home Invasion

Review of Home Invasion

Girls Getting Sleepy is famous for all their POV video, but i happened to pick up one of the few that isn’t. In this one Victoria is on her back porch when she is attacked by a mask intruded. She is Knocked out and dragged inside. Once in side she is laid the ground and her body is searched and played with. She wakes up from time to time and tries to make an escape, but after a short struggle she is KO’d and laid out again. She’s also carried a number of times and in the end she is handcuffed and taken from the house.

A great clips with lots of limp play, also a great one for damsels in distress. There’s not too much to say how good Victoria’s selling is, but she is a really pretty girl and makes wonderful damsel. She does stay fully dressed the whole time, but the limp play and Victoria herself, is the reason why i got this one and i think it turned out great.

Overall Score: 8/10


  • klaas

    lovely girl very nice and cool dressed