Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHITS FROM THE KONG: 2 – 18 mins

We fade in on the lovely Avery telling her fans how angry she is after finding out how badly her buddy Sumiko lost to Amazing Kong.  Unfortunately for Avery, she hasn’t done her research on Kong and the powerhouse is slowly sneaking up on her.  What follows can only be described as a complete and total destruction, one that might even rival Sumiko’s loss.  After an epic beatdown, Kong delivers not one but two brutal Awesome bombs and an OTS carry on the completely outmatched Avery.

Talk about a size difference, Avery is even smaller than Sumiko and is super tiny compared the giant Kong. These type of squashes are so amazing. Kong uses all of the power moves in her repertoire to totally demolish the tiny wrestler. Avery is amazing in every sense of the word. She looks terrified every time she’s conscious and gets KO’d from everything Kong did to her. Topped off the two huge awesome bombs and Kong carrying her destroyed victim off the mats. This is one of the vids you should never miss. I still watch this and the rest of this outstanding series on the regular. If you don’t have this, just go get it I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Overall score: 9.5/10