Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME TWENTY – 21 Mins

ChanelWe fade in on the unconscious body of the lovely CHANEL YEOUNG, having been soundly defeated (and posed on) by SKW fav Sumiko! Sumiko tells the camera that Chanel tried to jump her and almost succeeded in defeating her, but the tables were turned and Chanel felt her wrath for a beatdown so long SK couldn’t catch it all on camera! Therefore, Sumiko decides to offer a highlight reel to the fans, cut together to tell one hell of a story!

So this is our first “up close” look at Chanel, both losing and winning. And yea, I say first close look, because although see was in SENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 47, it pretty easy to get lost in the crowd with that many talented, fan favorite girls in it. So this time we get here one on one with another fan fav, Sumiko, and again I have to say, Chanel is an outstanding performer. She could talk a little more trash while winning, but when it comes to jobbing, she is already quite amazing. She reacts really well, does pretty good eyerolling and of course, she looks great. Add in that she’s working with Sumiko is an obvious plus, as Sumiko is always spot on, no matter what role she’s playing. Overall, I’m really excited for more vids with Chanel, definitely hope to see her in something more over the top and of course if you’re a Sumiko fan, which we all are, then this is also a great choice for you too.

Overall Score: 9/10