Review of Sleeperkid’s World HIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME SIXTEEN – 22 mins

We fade in on a pile of out cold bodies belonging to Lila Adare, Sumiko, and Star, making her SKWPPV debut, clad in gloves and sleeping off one hell of a three way boxing battle.  SK tells us that he couldn’t get the entire fight on camera, so he’s treating fans to one heck of a highlight reel. What follows is an amazing series of single, double, and triple KO boxing attacks that ends exactly how it started, with a body pile on the SKW mats!

This is genius, a three way boxing battle, delivered in a highlights reel. We get to see the veteran, Sumiko, the recent addition, Lila and the brand new Star, team up, turn on and KO each other again and again. So many great things to say about think one, the outfits to start. All the outfits here I would call a favorite of mine. Plenty of KOs, the girl team up to take one of them out, and then turn on each other, which sometimes leads to a double KO and a bodypile. The best thing thought, is after the first few KOs, the girls all get exhausted and spend the rest of the video having half-conscious battles with each other, leading to more bodpiles and great relations from all of them. In the end, Sumiko manages to take out Lila and Star, but during her 10 count, she decides that she’s too dazed to count them out. She turns to SK and asks him to KO her, SK obliges, knocking her out, as she of course falls on top of the other girls for the final bodypile and count out. Overall, this is a great debut and first impression for Star and an amazing and excellently executed idea for a very unique boxing vid.

Overall Score: 9.5/10