Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME SEVENTEEN – 20 mins

We fade in on the broken and piled up bodies of Serena and Candle Boxxx, snoozing on the mats as pro superstars Taeler Hendrix and Hellena Heavenly boast about their epic win! Turns out Taeler was easily defeating Candle when Serena interfered, knocking the rowdy redhead out with a sudden stunner. What follows after this is a series of highlight clips, each one leading to Hellena’s interference, and the following brutal 2 on 2 beatdown for the American Flag-clad jobber tag team!

This is the highlights vid of run-ins. Candle couldn’t handle Taeler, so Serena comes to the rescue. The 2 get to have a little fun with Taeler, who count take on the two of them on her own, but luckily Hellena is able to come to her rescue. This is were the real fun begins as the two pros dismantle the two awesome jobbers. They even take the time to focus on Candle while Serena sleeps in the background. They once they’ve finished off Candle, it’s Serena’s turn. Candle was taken out with a couple of stunners, but Serena got a chair shot to the face and a piledriver, that caused a little twitching.  I love the star-spangled outfits and boots and both Candle and Serena couldn’t have sold it better. Hellena and Taeler were really vocal and had way too much fun whooping these two jobber girls. Overall, a very fun highlights vid, with everyone getting a little time to be in control, but in the end it’s the pros that run the show and get the last laugh, literately.

Overall Score: 9.5/10